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17 May 2007


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I have been so excited about Gossip Girl because Josh Schwartz is doing it and now that KBell is doing the VO for it I'm not thrilled. She's so completely annoyed me over S3 that I'm afraid the sound of her voice will bring back horrible Neptune Grand flashbacks.


I've always liked her narration, so I'm feeling more hopeful than ever about the show -- not that they had anywhere to go but up, of course. But I still haven't watched S3 at all -- part of me wants to avoid the whole thing, like Buffy7.


I actually love Gossip Girl. I avoided it for a really long time but thought I'd give it a shot when it showed up on ALA's top ten banned books list. I never watched OC, so I don't how it'll compare, but... for trashy fun with characters you love to hate, Gossip Girl is the book to check out.


I've only read one of them -- one of the later ones -- and for whatever reason, I find The Clique books more engaging. Maybe I should have started from the beginning?

Faithful Reader from Canada

When does the Gossip Girl show start?? I'm intrigued. I love how they always find actors that clearly don't look like teenagers to play the adolescent characters. Don't get me wrong, I still love it anyway (I'm a diehard OC fan too) but I always laugh at the fact that the "16 year old" is actually in his or her mid-to-late twenties!


I'm in love with Enrico Colantini too! Though I may have just spelled his name wrong, which probably hurts my chances. Sigh....

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