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12 June 2007


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My fav is still Boy Proof - but only because I identify more with Egg then her other characters. As you know, I do love all the books.

And as for Power Girl's chest - I'm so glad that link made it into the interview! Can you believe that? The crazy part is the final cover is the picture after Turner was told to reduce her bust size...yeah, that's the smaller version!

I read JLA but I told my comics guy I had to have the variant cover on that one or I won't buy the issue. It's just beyond stupid. (And I'd love for someone at DC to explain why they want to gain female readers via Minx, but like to portray female characters as bimbos in the superhero titles.)


While I was reading the interview, it occured to me that while I really have loved all of them, I loved Queen of Cool the best. Which seemed odd, as I certainly identified with Egg more than with Libby. I think it was Libby's transformation/journey in Queen of Cool that really did it for me. Anyway, it just made me curious about everyone else.


My vote is for Boy Proof although I haven't yet read Queen of Cool.


Boy Proof, partly because Egg lives on my block (seriously, the directions that she takes home will lead to my apartment) and hangs out in my neighborhood, partly because Egg gave me fresh insight into some of the people I've known in my life, and mostly because it was just good. I stayed up until three in the morning reading the whole thing.

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