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13 June 2007


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Okay, is it rude to shriek in denial and agony here?



Then again, I've never actually read any Danielle Steel, so I shouldn't judge. Chrissy?

Liz B

In defense of... well... OK, let's rephrase. In explanation perhaps? I was a big fan of DS as a teen. (Man, I hope they cannot revoke the Printz Committee!). Why? Escapism, easy romance with drama, tears, a semi happy ending, family sagas. Given that I don't think that's entirely unique for a teen, it makes sense for DS & her publishers to tie into that a bit more, emphasize it a bit more.


I have a lot of patrons who are big fans, and most of them seem to be of the opinion that she's pretty up and down -- they love some of her books and think some of them are stinkers.

a. fortis

I don't necessarily think it doesn't fit, but it still makes me go EEEEEEEEK!

Little Willow

I wonder if she's read A SUMMER TO DIE by Lois Lowry.

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