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07 June 2007


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Be nice! She's only got so much time!!


I meant trouble in a GOOD WAY.


Yes, do take that back. Emma Granger looks like she could beat people up. I'm sure she knows she looks a right git in that dress, too... I'm sure someone MADE HER wear it. (Let's hope.)


Arrrgh! I meant nothing derogatory by 'trouble'! I meant trouble in a she-knows-something-we-don't-know kind of way. Or maybe a if-you-mock-her-she'll-say-something-so-sarcastic-and-cutting-that-you'll-shrivel-up-and-die-on-the-spot.

Am I the only person on the planet who uses "she looks like trouble" to mean that the subject looks like the best kind of hellion? Probably.

Anyway, sorry for any confusion. I firmly believe that Emma Watson is adorable, even wearing a crazy dress.

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