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11 June 2007


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Kelly Fineman

Sweet Lord -- that woman is out of her mind. Not only is Equus a film, but a "nude film" -- as if the entire thing were done in the nude, as opposed to only one scene. Yeesh.

And she seems to imply in the front half of the article that Harry Potter is selling well because a spell has been cast on readers. To say absolutely nothing of her complete disregard for the actual principals of Wicca -- I watched a show on Bravo last night about a family of witches. The mother is a minister in the First Church of Wicca in Duxbury (sp?), and they're all about belief in a single god/goddess, and in favor of things like being connected with nature and finding a way to cope with stress. Quelle horror!


Thanks for the Mallory link - it plays beautifully into a presentation I'm making at a HP conference in August. (HP & censorship) There was a wonderful article published in Canadian Children's Literature a few years ago, discussing literary witchcraft vs. Wicca - a very strong argument against views suchs as Mallory's.


"There is an anti-Christian world-view agenda today in our schools and government..." Oh please. What about the anti-Everything Else world-view that the Church had for ages? What about "witch" burnings? Honestly, it makes you want to be a Wiccan just listening to her.

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