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05 June 2007


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Yes, and I loved it.

I remember gasping in horror several times, but I can't remember specifically what he said during the Big Fight, can you give me a hint?

Martin Starr's stoner girlfriend was awesome.


It was when he told her the baby was going to be a girl.

I wasn't one of the gaspers, but then, I've never been knocked up, either.


Saw it this weekend and loved, loved, loved it. My favorite scene was the trip to Vegas--I was dying during the chair conversation.


All of the Seth/Paul conversations made me howl -- when they started yapping about Back to the Future at dinner and neither of the women knew what the hell they were talking about? Classic.

Oh, and -- I'll have you know that your wedding present is really cutting into my reading time.


Are you building us a chuppah?


Saw it twice already. Love Seth Rogen and the whole Apatow pack.

Laugh till I cried when Jonah called Martin late-John-Lennon.


OMG DESARIO! YAY! I can't wait to see it next week!

I'm trying to forget "Trying to Forget Sarah Marshall." I love Jason Segel so I'll probably get pulled into it with that, but Kristen Bell makes my skin crawl lately, so I'm not looking forward to her smirking and mugging for two hours.

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