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06 June 2007


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GASP...how could anyone call "The Dark is Rising" a "slog"? I'd like to say I could read the rest of the article at CHUD after that, but um, well, I couldn't.


A love interest for The Walker? Eeeeewwwwwww.

I'd like a sword cane for myself though.


A slog? Did this guy read the same Dark is Rising as I did? I don't think so. Yes, there's not a lot of action, Will is just coming into his powers and can't handle much yet. Sorry if that doesn't make a good movie.


No, there's just nothing I can say as a response that won't turn into a HUGE rant.
I will just sum up with: the more I hear about this movie, the less I want to see it.

Sheila Ruth

OMG. So basically they've stripped it of its heart and soul. I am so NOT going to see this movie. I feel so bad for Susan Cooper.


Yep. Glad I wasn't the only one horrified by 'slog'. I bet he'd hate The Changeover, too.


I couldn't keep reading, either. "The Arthurian stuff" is certainly essential to the other books, even if it's not huge in this one.


1) I liked, but did not love TDIR, and even I'm horrified.
2) I DID read the entire article; it might make youse* better to do so since the "journalist" is clearly a card-carrying moron--barely literate I would say, much less a critic of any merit.

(*The Institute has set in and all plural forms of the word "you" must be indicated in speech or writing.)

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