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13 June 2007


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I felt that way when I discovered de Lint a few years ago. Unfortunately, I wasn't all that impressed by the last book of his I picked up to read. Perhaps it was because I wanted more stories about the people he already knew instead of just reading their names in passing, maybe it was something else. All I know is that I felt very "eh." about it when I was done.


Which one was that?


I'm a very big fan of de Lint's - have been for years and years. I would suggest you read the story collections as they give a ton of background on many of his characters (and Jilly plays in a lot of those).

I also love Memory and Dream which is about other characters in Newford and an awesome story.

The utlimate chapter for Jilly is in the book Widdershins that came out last year. This is the "Jilly and Geordie" book - they have been friends forever but this one gets them to address all sorts of things about their relationship and also has Jilly confronting all her demons.

Plus there's almost a war with the Buffalo people. Very cool.



I just read two books by Charles de Lint. The Riddle of the Wren and The Blue Girl. I definitely liked The Blue Girl better. Wren isn't bad it's just not the greatest.


Joy! Rapture! I'm so glad you discovered de Lint. He's tremendous. I read a short story in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and a year later I picked up a book of short stories. "Hey," I thought, "These characters have the same names ohmygosh it is the same characters. Who is this man, and where can I get more?"


Moonlight and Vines was the one I just read.

I missed Jilly most.

Little Willow

I want to read more deLint, because I've liked every deLint I've read thus far - a handful of his works for kids, teens, and adults.

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