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05 June 2007


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I wonder if parents can just sign a blanket permission slip, "I give my little darling permission to read ANY BOOKS SHE WANTS. Thank you for not censoring my child."


Lisa's suggestion is perfect. Have any of those people read any of the books? I know the answer is usually a resounding "no."

Fallen Angels is extremely timely, despite its Vietnam setting. I think that Myers protagonist was an amazing character, a good guy who managed to keep his humanity despite the horrors of his situation.

a Paperback Writer

So, isn't Coeur d'Alene the same town that had a real problem with Neo-Nazis a few years back? I do believe it was. Well, now we know what happened to them. As I recall, the original Nazis burned books. Looks like that might be happening soon here.
And as for sexual content in books, have any of these folks actually read the Old Testament? Rape, incest, all kinds of sexual variations on themes, prostitution. And then there's all that violence.
Of course the Bible's high on the list of banned books (only Shakespeare and Harry Potter books seem to be as popular for banning), so maybe it'll be up for the next chop.
Y'know, my parents never once told me not to read something. And only once did one of them hint that I'd picked up something a little too hard for me (I was 6 and had grabbed a full-length novel), but I was allowed to try anyway.
Yup, I like the idea of the "read what she wants" permission slip. Nice idea.

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