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20 June 2007


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Great interview, Leila! The Little Princess sequel sounds quite intriguing....

Kelly Fineman

Part of me is with you on the disappointment about Forever Rose being the last book, but another part of me thought that Caddie Ever After was the end (since she'd run out of children). So I'm excited that there's one more coming. Squee!

Great interview, Leila


Aw, Jeff! I miss him so.

Thanks for the interview. I'm the lamest person ever for LOVE LOVE LOVING the first book about the Cassons yet STILL not having read the ones after it. Must remedy that.


Oh Jules - you must read the other books immediately!!! I loved them all (even Caddy) and I'm so excited about Forever Rose.I thought she was done as well so this delights me.

And good job on this Leila - it was a such a coup to get Hilary; I'm so glad you made her feel welcome.


I love the list of Hilary McKay's favorite books! And thanks for the news of the new book--I'm tempted to have my relatives ship it over from Engalnd. Spring is a long way away.


Thanks so much for this interview! I'm also intrigued by the Little Princess sequel, as that's one of my favorites ever.

And what wonderful news about the new Rose book!

Hilary McKay

You lot are lovely!


The first Hilary McKay book I read was The Exiles, and I thought it was charming. And then I read Indigo's Star, and that was the END. I went on an all-out HUNT for her books. I can't say that I want the Casson's saga to end, but I do think that it'll be intriguing to see what she does with The Little Princess.


I just picked up two of Hilary's books last week. Now I can't wait to read them.

Jen Robinson

I'm fascinated by the Little Princess sequel idea.


I hadn't heard of Hilary McKay before this blog. Now I've read everything of hers I can find, and I was thrilled to see this interview. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lady S.

What a wonderful interview! I'm an equally enormous Hilary McKay fan, and there's not that much out there to read about her. Currently reading The Wool Pack was the final touch to the joy. Was just discussing how amazing that book is.

So can't wait for Forever Rose...


I am 13 and the Casson family's BIGGEST fan!
I'm in love with each character, they're all so unique and different. It
makes me so sad thinking about the LAST book..ever.
I'm the last book cause I just want them to go on forever...


I am just just just the biggest fan ever of the casson family! The books are so warm and friendly and she has a totally unique way of writing. Every book is just amazing and i absolutley love all the characters - if you haven't read the books, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING?? READ THEM, seriously.
Just one thing, she's posted on her official website that a book she wrote - CADDY'S WORLD - has been accepted for publishing. I am soooo excited because of this, but is it another book in the series or is,like, a guide to the Casson Family world? Whichever, I can't wait!!!

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