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14 June 2007


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Ooh, I love Hilary McKay! But just out of curiosity, how was all this set up? Did you simply dash off an email to her, explaining what was going on? Or did someone higher up arrange it all with publishers and publisicts?


I sent an email to the PR rep I work with at Simon & Schuster explaining what we were trying to do with the tour. He contacted Hilary and she agreed to one interview - and the questions were to be sent via the PR rep. I turned the whole thing over to Leila at that point as she is a huge fan and really wanted this one. All the PR reps I contacted were great - they did their best to get the authors we were looking for and got back to me with a response (postive or negative) very quickly.

When the authors had web sites I just contacted them direct and they were all great too.


Oooooo... Hilary McKay... I can't wait!


Another Hilary McKay fan, here to metaphorically jump up and down in thrilled-ness. (Not that I don't like Chris Crutcher, but it's actually pretty hard to find information on or commentary by McKay and her books are so intriguing.)

I don't know of Bennett Madison; am looking forward to finding out more.

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