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07 June 2007


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If you like short literary fiction then Tinhouse is a winner. I did have a sub, but needed to reduce the magazine influx and went with VA Quarterly Review as I tend more to like essays and I get so many anthologies of short fic to review. But I usually pick up at least one issue of Tinhouse a year (it's a quarterly) for the interviews alone. They also have a great section called "Lost and Found" where writers discuss books they have rediscovered or missed from years ago.

It's a beautifully done lit mag - well worth checking out. (Paul Collins contributes a couple of times a year and he is one of my fav writers.)


I figured if anyone knew it, you would. I might have to subscribe. It looks kind of awesome, and I've been digging the short fiction lately.


I finished Catherine Fisher's trilogy this spring, after having owned the books for entirely too long. Wonderful story - the third one is a nice, solid conclusion.


My fav (summer) reading list is TeenReads' Ultimate Teen Reading List which is a great mix of new and not-so-new books. I don't know if they'll be coming out with a newer version of the list, but last summer/autumn this very list was called "Ultimate Summer Reading List" so who knows.


I HATED 'This is all', immensely. It was so sad, because I started off really excited (back when I'd only just got over the novelty of being able to borrow ANY BOOK AT ALL from the book shop I work at) and WOW. I thought I would love it. I was sure of it! And the ending sucked but it wasn't even what ruined it. It romanticised all these other issues in it and seemed so SERIOUS and self-absorbed and then my head exploded.

I have no lists. I could write one for you though!

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