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09 June 2007


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I really tried to read this one (not once but twice!) and can not seem to get into it past the first 20 pages or so. It is just too slow. I really like the idea of a medieval mystery (I haven't read In the Name of the Rose but I love the movie...does that count? :), but I'm just not finding it worth the struggle.

I don't know....maybe I'll give it another shot although "Moonbeam" is a little hard to believe. How realistic is it that someone from that time would name their horse that?


This sounds like it could be interesting!


Moonbeam was rough. The book IS slow -- and just so you know, the pacing doesn't pick up after the first twenty pages -- it doesn't really pick up at all, even though there are a bunch of murders. And I had the first murder solved pretty much when it happened. But I did enjoy the period and setting and the descriptions of friary life and whatnot enough that I'll give her other series a try.


Do you know the most popular french blog ? It's a teen blog. And it's in english too ! A very very good blog.
The title is "Incredible and insignificant life of Brad-Pitt Deuchfalh"


I've read two of the Stravaganza books. I always mean to read the third one, but back when I read the other two I didn't know it existed. I also did not pay attention to other books by her. One of these days!


Guillaumerebecca > thx for this url. Very surprizing !


Moonbeam? Not only unlikely, but lame too!


Don't bother reading the third Stravaganza. The first was the best, the second was okay, but the third made me want to smack someone upside the head.


i cant seem to get how the book ends!! can someone help me???


i cant seem to get how the book ends!! can someone help me???

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