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19 June 2007


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The instructor of a class I used to take (for a little over two years) suggested I read The Onion Girl, and it's been on my To Read list ever since then. But despite having read some of de Lint's other writing, I still haven't gotten around to this one! So thank you for reminding me.

Electric Landlady

I'm behind on my De Lint. You've reminded me as well that I must fix this. ;)

I would definitely suggest some of his early work. Jack the Giant-Killer is great (I think it's collected with the sequel as Jack of Kinrowan) -- it's set in Ottawa rather than Newford and was part of Terri Windling's Fairy Tale series (all of which are worth checking out).

Moonheart and Spiritwalk are also really good early non-Newford novels. A lot of the Newford stuff is short stories, IIRC, so easy to pick up.

I must unpack that box of books.


Pick up Someplace to be Flying for more about Coyote, Raven, and the Crow Girls. I think it's my favorite de Lint book, except for maybe The Blue Girl.

a. fortis

I love Charles de Lint. I think his Newford short stories are really good. I also really liked Memory & Dream. His YA novel, The Blue Girl, was fun, too. I felt like I was getting such a sense of where his inspiration for the setting came from when I visited Ottawa a couple of years ago (where he lives)--it was neat, like a writing pilgrimage, though I was there for an unrelated conference...

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