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01 June 2007


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Brian F.

I think the real question is: will it continue to be a moneymaker if Harry dies? My guess would be no. So could the plans for an attraction such as this be an early indicator of the 7th book's outcome...?


I'd go just for the candy and butterbeer.


I've been to Islands of Adventure and I'm sure they will do a great job with this. There's already a Marvel comics island that has some awesome rides (a roller coaster that goes underwater) and Jurassic Park and Seussville (those all come immediately to mind).

They combine rides and restaurants and shops really well - Seussville has these great outdoor parks and crazy fountains...the whole place is a blast. Right now it is more for older kids and adults though, so I imagine Harry Potter will make it more possible for the younger kids to have a good time as well (more kid friendly rides and places to hang out than just Seussville).

I do agree that this might be an indication that Harry won't die...hard to sell all that Harry merchandise if he suffers at the end!

Anonymous Amy

All I know is that whether Harry dies or not, I'm going to Harry Potter Land. It is supposed to be finished around 2009 so lets wish the years will go by quick. I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way Harry does not die. I've read the book. He grows up and marries someone that I will not say... and he has 3 beautiful children.

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