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04 June 2007


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I thought the concept was a whole lot better than the execution on this one. I found the main character to be the weak link. The fantasy situation was clever, but the twenty-first century main character seemed very lame to me.


That's how I feel about the Jasper Fforde books -- I love the concept, and what he does with other peoples' characters, but that his original characters are a bit lacking.

I liked Miranda well enough -- she wasn't super special, but she cracked me up on a regular basis, but again, the idea of a Gossip Girl character in a B-movie world just slayed me.

You know who I did think was lame? The love interest. I loved Heathcliff (shocking, I know!), but the other boy was just... such a DORK. (In a bad way.)


I've twice been surprised by Mtv books. I now beat my instinct down because someone there is buying good stuff. Despite the label.


I picked up the book on a whim but I ended up enjoying it and following the series. The voice of the character is pretty good. I hope MTV asks for a fourth book.

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