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03 July 2007


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What are they DOING? How is Susan Cooper standing it? And why didn't they just write their own stupid lame movie from scratch? Wouldn't it have been cheaper? Sorry--evidently I have a little anger about this too.

Levi Stahl

I'm torn. I love the Susan Cooper novels, and you're right that everything Ian McShane says here is suggestive of a very bad movie . . . but I do love Ian McShane, and I can imagine him being a very good Great Uncle Merry.

Still, probably best not to get my hopes up, huh?


Oh, I ADORE Ian McShane. And C. Eccelston, and Frances Conroy -- they're the reason I'm still even toying with the idea of seeing the movie.

Sheila Ruth

Yeah, it makes you wonder why they even bothered buying the rights to the book if they were going to completely change it. Why not just make their own movie? It can't even be for the name recognition, because everyone who would recognize the name is completely horrified. Poor Susan Cooper. I feel so bad for her. She deserves better.


I just felt a pang in my heart when I read that. Oh God.


Oh. Oh, oh, OH.
Nope. Can't do it.
I mean, I already have ISSUES with most movies, but THIS -- THIS... sounds hideous.
No, please don't act. Just show us some CGI. That's all we really want. Not the story or anything...

Kelly Fineman

Twin? What???

No focus on acting.
Or story, apparently.



Well... in defense of the fantastic Mr. McShane... I'm sure he's acting, folks. Something you'll hear from every actor who's ever done special effects work like blue screen, etc., is that the special effects is you know, kind of a distraction. The man's brilliant, I'm sure he'll do fine.

Can't comment on the story changing though, blech.


Oh, I'm not worried about whether or not HE'LL be good. It's the rest of the movie I'm worried about.


Is Walden Media doing this? They're the company that focuses on Newbery award winners, right? They should be PISSED! They should be yanking production with changes this big and this far from the story.


I was about to comment on another site how the company that made this horrifying piece of trash and the company that remade Narnia should come together and work on making all these adaptations a really messy masterpiece of a landfill. Of course, then a few hours later I find that they were done by the same company... hahaha! AGHHHH! man they should have freaking opened with a couple phrases from "The Dark is Rising" song like in an LOTR fashion, but of course not... they had to get rid of all the arthurian elements and make it a feel good family film about how Will Stanton realization of his place as the Last of the Old Ones is actually just him reaching puberty (high pitched I CANT TALK TO GIRLS).. man the freaking pain.


I bought the Dark is Rising for my son many years ago , in fact I bought the whole series as they came out in hard cover. I loved the whole series, but particularly The Dark is Rising. I had always thought it would make a good movie, but after reading what they have done to it, there is no way I am ever going to see it. I just wish I knew where to write to Susan Cooper and offer her my condolences.

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