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10 July 2007


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Fuse #8

Re: Spandex - You want to look away but you just just can't. Apparently Bowie lives above our new library branch and comes down once in a while. How on earth does no one mention that scene to him every time they see his face?

Adam S.

I would have voted for Rincewind or Granny Weatherwax (both from the Disc World series).


Ahah. Labyrith was my favourite film when I was four. By the time I was seven I had a massive crush on Jareth. Yeah, I know it's stupid, but it beat H from Steps, who my friend was salivating over. I know every word off by heart to that film.
Sure Howl's groovy too, and Rincewind definately.


If asked the question, Howl might not have come to mind, but I love Howl. I vote for Howl!!!


Is it bad that I think that poll made perfect sense? Except for the fact that the Wizard of Oz shouldn't have been there. He wasn't even a wizard, yeesh.

J. L. Bell

He was a very good man!

Just not a very good wizard.

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