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25 July 2007


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I didn't read the first Gilda Joyce, but definitely liked the second. The fact that I could read and enjoy it without having read the first is a definite plus as far as I'm concerned.


I really liked the first one. Gilda has a third book coming out soon:



i didn't read the first one and the only reason i read this one was because we had to pick a mystery book for are book report and im not really one for mystery books there just not my thing but i really enjoyed this book and i want to read the other 2 books


Do u wonder how she got the name, our lady of sorrows? Because thats one of, My Chemical Romance's songs!! mcr rocks!!!!


i did not read the 1 but i LOVE the 2


i did not read the 1 but i LOVE the 2


i loved it. IT ROCKT

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