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11 July 2007


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a Paperback Writer

It looks as though that school board is handling this issue well, though. Good for them.
I find it funny that she somehow thinks a person must be educated into homosexuality, as if it's a career or something. And it says she quotes scripture to back up her claims. I'm going to assume that's the Bible. I'm also going to assume that she's never actually read the Old Testament (any more than she's read the other books she wants banned) or she'd be trying to ban that as well. It's full of incest, rape, homosexuality, prostitution, polygamy, slavery, etc. So where does she get off using a book like that as a justification to ban the others?


People always use the Bible to argue points. Even it doesn't always make that much sense and even if it is only one line, they will use it. So, it makes sense for her to use one book as justification to ban another...

People go to school to learn how to think. Parents need to put a little faith in their children and know that if they decide to have an abortion or become an atheist, it happened before the books.


Please, please, please tell me you're going to use that quote as inspiration for your next shirt: "My kid is going to school to become a homosexual, atheist abortion doctor"


Maybe she should consider home schooling and then she can leave out the required homosexuality 101 that seems to have crept into her kids' school system. Or she can find a private/parochial school that excels in producing repressed and socially ignorant people.

Andrew Karre

I think libraries could use this keyword search technique for promotion rather than suppression, actually. You could even stick to the Bible. How about "peace, justice, and poverty". That should make her happy.


I actually went to abortion medical school for homosexual studies but later changed my major to general godlessness figuring I'd have better luck getting a job. Some days I regret my decision, but who wouldn't like to go back?

Sleeping Koala

Her eldest son thinks correctly. She is stupid.


why, oh why is the world full of idiots? 'Am I Blue" is one of the best books I've ever read, but they dismiss it because of the subject matter. well, you know what, when lord of the flies came out, it got little to no publicity too, but now it's on every public school required reading list in the country. take that.

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