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10 July 2007


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Peter H. Reynolds

Leila. I so appreciate your thoughts. I was saddened when the folks at Philomel replaced me with someone else. I told them to hang on until the third book and see how the series would take off - as we did with the Judy Mody series. Not until that thrid book was released did the phenom begin. I see that they left my art inside the Olivia books. Wonder how long before that gets replaced! Clearly, this is a result of nervous sales folks tampering with the editorial process. I'd love to reclaim the cover. Maybe your voice and others might convince them. For a peek at some behind the scenes Oliva art - check out http:/www.peterhreynolds.com/phr_oliviakidney.html

Thanks again for your kind words and support!


Nike Vandal

If you'd make a guy content, will not add to his possessions but subtract from his needs. Did you concur with me?

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