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26 July 2007


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Gabe Volpicelli

This is excellent.

I read a lot more Peanuts than is probably healthy when I was growing up. My Dad had all of the collections in these ancient taped together paperbacks. What a horrible comic.

Seriously, going back and re-reading them is extraordinarily depressing. Almost every character involved was loathsome in one way or another. Even Woodstock somehow managed to be unpleasant.


Shocking. Meanwhile, Josh and I have been buying the hardback collections as they've been re-released. THEY RULE.

Gabe Volpicelli

I dunno, I just vividly recall being disturbed by the very very early ones from 1950 when they were either ~4 years old or still infants. I think one of the very first strips ever featured the lines "Good 'ol Charlie Brown" as he's walking by and then "How I hate him!" once he was out of earshot. What the hell? I also remember him getting regularly punched by that (not Peppermint)Patty girl and desperately wanting to see him stand up for himself just once and always being disappointed.

My beef with Woodstock is different. He has always irritated for reasons that I have never been able to explain properly. I sometimes felt like he was taking advantage of Snoopy and was just generally ungrateful.

I'm not trying to knock the strip as I do think it was genius. I just find it to be profoundly depressing.


Oh, it was TOTALLY depressing. And real. That's why I loved it.

Then, in the later years, it all went downhill.

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