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05 July 2007


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i hate emo kids

aerin, harry crewe

Kelly Fineman

Girl heroes, huh? Here are two I wanted to "be":

Jo from Little Women (not sure what that says about me, either, but I still love-love-love Jo).

Mandy from Mandy by Julie Andrews Edwards (I really envied her time alone in the cottage in the woods)


Oh, yeah. Definitely add Harry Crewe to my list -- as someone I wanted to be, rather than someone I felt I already was.

Jen Robinson

I'd have to say Anne of Green Gables and Pippi Longstocking. Both red-heads. Interesting.


Oh, and Vesper Holly. I wanted to be her, too.


Yea to Vesper! Also Meg Murray from Wrinkle. I loved how she kept her cool and never gave up. Vicky Austen as well.

And Jo. God - who didn't love Jo?


Dido is my all time favorite hero or heroine. By a mile. Still is; and I only wish I was more like her.

I identified with Harriet, but even more with Janie. Also: Little House Laura, Ginger from Black Beauty.

I think all my childhood heroes were male. I read the Hardy Boys instead of Nancy Drew. I liked the Dukes of Hazzard, but didn't like it when Daisy was on screen. I preferred Luke Skywalker to Princess Leigha and Mickey Mouse to Minnie! So there you have it folks...when the female things were dull...I didn't care that I was supposed to like girly, frilly things...I just decided to play with the the boys. And today, well I still prefer football to ballet and Hemingway to Austen. So, I guess I'm just a freak *wink*. And in case anyone is wondering, I'm not gay.

Lady S.

Interesting link, Leila. I'm going to have to think more about it too, but off the top of my head, some of my favourites seem to have been the ones I wanted to be friends with, or part of the family, rather than feeling I was like them. Anne (of Green Gables, not Famous Five) is a good example, as I never felt I was anything like her, but loved her nonetheless. Dido too, but again, nothing like her. The Melendys another - I just wanted to be part of that family!


I adored the Melendys as well, and wow, how could I have forgotten Meg Murray? Mary Lennox, too. (The two always go hand-in-hand for me -- they're both so angry.) If the Cassons had been around when I was a kid, I feel pretty certain that I would've wanted to be a part of their family as well.

Oh, and TV-wise, Romana I & II from Doctor Who. I went so far as to dress up as Romana I for Halloween one year. Nope. Not a soul knew who I was dressed as.


If we're talking Star Wars then it was Han Solo all the way. He used his blaster all the time, he killed the bad guys and he had the Millenium Falcon!

Please - who wanted to be Luke or Leia if you could be Han Solo?????

(Although by the end of Empire Strikes Back I wanted to be Leia because she got to kiss Han Solo.... :)


As an adult I cringe slightly at this because she was so, so, so *good*, but as a kid I always wanted to be like Sara Crewe in A Little Princess. She was kind and never took advantage of people who were weaker or younger or poorer than her, but she could be stubborn and stand up for herself when it counted; she had dignity and courage. And she was a great storyteller.

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