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13 August 2007


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I am insanely jealous that you've read this. I am dying to get my hands on a copy.

Maybe I'll go back and reread Fly By Night while I wait.


Oo! Madly jealous.


This sounds great. Do you know when it is being released in the US?


I couldn't take it anymore and just ordered it from Amazon -- it's available from Amazon US, even. It took AGES to get here -- so long that by the time it arrived, I'd forgotten that I'd ordered it -- but it was a nice surprise when the package finally got here.

Brian F.

Am I missing something here? Amazon says it takes 4-6 weeks. There's no listing for it on Borders/Amazon. B&N says it's unavailable.... Yet it supposedly has a publication date of May 2007.

This is August, right? August 2007? Or did I bring the De Lorean back to the wrong timeline?

Why can't I find this book?


Amazon sent me the UK version, even though I ordered it from AmazonUS -- I think May 2007 was the UK pub date. I still haven't seen an American pub date for it.


I read it a couple weeks ago, having bought it in a mad frenzy of excitement when I was in Vancouver last month. Had so much to say about it when I was done that I went and wrote a review--maybe the first straight-up review I've posted on book book book.

Maybe it was the mood I was in, but the constant similes didn't bother me. I loved Fly By Night but thought it was kind of rambly; this seemed much tighter, and the sensory-detail overload made it more shuddery. Normally I wouldn't go near something this creepy--horror's not my favorite genre. But anything for Hardinge!

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