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16 August 2007


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Little Willow

This will probably come as no surprise, but I adore the Anastasia books.


The Anastasia books were some of my very favorites, too. They really stuck in my memory. I regularly think of Washburn Cummings flashing all the classrooms--it was funny and true when I was a kid, and it's funny and true now. And her neighbor, Lloyd, who insisted on being called "Yoid" because that's how the double-l should be pronounced?

I hope my two nieces end up big enough nerds to enjoy the Anastasia books, because they're definitely going to get a batch when they're old enough.


Anastasia Krupnik fangirls unite! Personally, I reserve my softest AK soft spot for Anastasia's Chosen Career, though I admit this is almost entirely due to the sequence involving chest hair and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

Seriously, this made my day.

P.S. And yes, the new covers sucksucksuck. If memory serves (questionable always), that's the edition where the hominid in charge of jacket copy didn't even read the book. Lame indeed.

Lady S

I really hate when they "modernize" book covers, especially when they use photos or stills from the movie.

A few years ago I discovered the Sam Krupnik books. I have made them very popular with the second and third graders at my school. I hope they will discover Anastasia soon.

Sarah Miller

Count me in as an Anastasia fangirl! I went through the whole shelf at the library. The first book was published the year I was born, so I like to pretend Anastasia and I are the same age. ;)

These were my favorites too. I remember how over-the-moon I was when the second one was published. It was like getting to see a good friend again. I still catch myself thinking of her as a real person. The new covers are ridiculous.

Barbara O'Connor

I, too, love Anastasia Krupnik. When I first starting writing for children many years ago, those books were my "text books". I studied everything about them - from the page count to the chapter openings, etc. Then, when I attended my first SCBWI conference (the national one in L.A.), I submitted my manuscript for critique. Imagine my excitement when I found out that my manuscript had been assigned to none other than LOIS LOWRY! I was in heaven - and have never forgotten it.


When I was in college I won an essay contest writing about children's books, and they wanted some visuals to put in a display case. I chose a copy of AK, (the original cover, of course) because I thought the cover looked just like me as a kid, albeit skinnier.

But I only love the first one. I always think that Anastasia got dumbed down as the series went on.


You know I didn't find Anastasia until I was in my 20s - no idea how I missed her when I was younger as I was so into all the books for that (Harriet, EL Konigsberg, L'Engle, etc.) but I was thrilled to read them all. I have a soft spot in my heart for Anastasia; she is just so honest and true.

And the new covers suck beyond measure!


Denim shirts are NEVER acceptable. Especially when you are supposedly trying to make the covers "hip." Everything about that cover just screams me in the 7th grade. And I was far, FAR from "hip."


She wears a denim shirt because she works at Hollywood Video. Duh.


"Anastasia Again" made me laugh so hard when I read it that I could barely breathe. I remember just lying there on the bed where I was reading, gasping and saying "Yoyd! Yoyd!" and laughing some more.

Like web, I'm not as crazy about the later ones. Especially the one where Anastasia's all worried because she has a crush on her female gym teacher and her mom is all, "Don't worry, lots of people have crushes and turn out normal." I was like, um, hello? Large number of girls reading this who are not going to turn out "normal"? Not that everything has to toe the party line all the time, but it wouldn't have hurt her to have mom add something along the lines of, "...or not, and they can still be happy."

/soapbox. Whew.


I read Anastasia so avidly and continuously as a child that now, as a sort-of adult, I think back to something that happened to Anastasia and it almost feels like my own memory. For instance, every single time I had to analyze poetry for my English major, I would think about Anastasia's dad teaching her how to break apart "I wander lonely as a cloud," and it kind of seems like someone was teaching me...

very strange! I think these books need more play. I'm going straight to work and making sure at least one gets display status :-)


I love Anastasia. One of my favorite lines from the first book is when she tells her parents she is becoming Catholic, and her father replies, "That is both interesting and preposterous."

(I like her parents almost as much as Anastasia, very unusually for any children's book.)

I am permanently, mildly annoyed that Lois Lowry is best known to everyone else for writing The Giver.

Anastasia's Chosen Career is probably my favorite, too, and made me want to visit Boston. As for the new covers--I see that she's wearing glasses, and count my blessings.


Anastasia is so imprinted on my brain. I reread the first one a couple years ago and, while I was pleasantly surprised to love it just as much as an adult, it was all so familiar, every little detail, that it wasn't really rereading. The name Mrs. Westvessel cracks me up. Also Washburn Cummings and those HIPS!


Definitly love the old artwok, and i can be included in the "new generation" category... I read one and NEVER forgot it...


Found this post from your "one star" post today (so forgive me for posting on such an old post).

Just wanted to add two things:

1 - My library makes READ posters for their employees and I'm so totally holding "Anastasia Krupnik" in mine.

2 - When I was 10, Lois Lowry came to my local bookstore and she and I recreated the conversation (from memory!) between Anastasia and her mother at the beginning of "Anastasia Again." The one that ends with "...there's no point in living if you have to live in the suburbs." I said Anastasia's lines and the wonderful amazing Ms. Lowry said Katherine's. It is/was/remains/will always be, one of the best memories of my life.

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