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14 August 2007


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Brian F.

You know what's bizarre is that I've known about these for a long time and I always thought I first heard about them here on your site. Now I feel bad that I didn't introduce them to you.

Did you see the CYOA books are making a comeback (or as much of a comeback as a reissue can be--"I don't wanna see that!")?

I'm oddly attached to "Which One Of You Irradiated My Giant F***ing Toast?" and "You Set The Ninja On Fire, You Dumb B***h!"

Adam S.

I know it's funny when coffee spews from my mouth. My laptop needs to be cleaned now.

"That Giant Mexican is Going to Eat Us" was the one that sent me over the edge. Thanks for the belly-laugh.


Combustible ninjas. Who knew?
Thanks for the good laugh - these are so, so wrong...


Ditto to the Giant Toast and the Giant Mexican. Awesome.


I thought I saw them here first too. Weird.


I guess it's possible that I posted about them and forgot about it...


It's the little things that make the Deadwood one so great, the replacement of "You're the star of the story." was absolutely brilliant.

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