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07 August 2007


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Brian F.

See, my dislike of all the characters, not just Naomi and Ely, is what kept me from going forward. I was surprised just how much I disliked everyone involved. I'm all about anti-heroes and such but I have to like something about the character (or want to see them get a comeuppance) before I go on. This is why I couldn't finish Gregory Maguire's LOST; I hated the protagonist.

So you think I should give this one another go? Because it really pains me to hate something that David Levithan has a hand in. But,seriously. I don't like the characters. I think the writing is good. But, about 50 pages in, I don't care about anyone.


I dunno. If you hated every single person in the book at that point, it might not be worth it. I didn't fall in love with anyone in the book. It isn't one that I'll re-read, like N&N. I think it was well-written, and that it explored very real emotions and situations, but overall? I didn't really enjoy it very much. (And I do think it all goes back to the somewhat unlikeable characters.)

I'm kind of relieved to hear that someone else had troubles with it, though -- I was so SURPRISED.


Oh. That makes me sad that you didn't like it. The premise seems SO DARN LIKABLE. As in, it sounds like something that would make me cry. Or at least something I would 'get'.

I'll still give it a go. We'll see.


Definitely try it -- I don't think people will agree across the board on this one. I'm curious to hear what other people think.


It was an overall okay book.It should have been explained more around the ending...I would have liked to find out what happened with Naomi's mother and Ely and Bruce The Second.Sometimes there was parts in the book when I didn't quite understand what was going on,it was a bit confusing.The characters were okay,I really don't like Bruce The First or Naomi,though.It was an okay read.


I was actually a real fan. I did start out disliking it, and I'm still not such a fan of the side characters other than Gabriel. But, I really loved Bruce the second and I felt there were some lovely relevatory moments. (That may be the wrong word) And I've read all of his books so...
Well, I liked it. I do see a lot of the points your making about the book. But I Guess those things didn't bother me too much.

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