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10 August 2007


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I'm crushed; remember that Simpsons' where Bart is looking for his name on one of those personalized-licence-plate-keychain things? And there's no "Bart," but there is a "Bort?"

Yeah, well I never even bothered to look.


I can't believe they think the nickname "Mainerd" is a potential DRAWBACK to my name. I don't fully understand how you would get to that, but I wish someone would.

Liz B

I am having WAY too much fun with that. And, oddly, some of the drawback names aren't really for me (Lizzytish? What's wrong with that?)

Now, speaking of last names. "Liz Burns me up" was popular in grade school while college brought the ever popular "Rug Burns."

And, what they left off of Bridget, my sister's name: Birdshit.


I have been called Mainerd before. I just want someone to call me Mandy Pandy Sugar Candy. Just once.


But, you are going to start calling him Osh Josh B'gosh, right?

I like how two of the drawback names (Jenny-Penny and Jennifer Juniper) are both things my parents have called me as affectionate names...


My son's name is Jeffrey, and apparently one of the drawbacks for his name is "Friar Tuck." Huh? Is there some dirty joke I'm not getting here? (Probably.)

Oh, and for further amusement, you MUST take a look at the Utah Baby Namer:


I especially recommend taking a look at the "Best Of" list. Awesome.


Good grief, have I never introduced you to the joy that is Baby's Named A Bad, Bad Thing?? Ooh, now there's a time waster. And I, too, just never even bothered to LOOK on those personalized key chains... sigh.

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