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06 August 2007


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Brian F.

You're only in season two? Very sad.

Would you like for me to send you a list of the season three episodes to skip (which, sadly, includes the season finale)?

Yes, I choked up when Sarah Jane discovers the TARDIS and they do that cool spinning camera move to reveal the Doctor. And then they subtley play "Song For Ten" underneath when she says good-bye.

Does this mean that you haven't seen the pilot of the new Sarah Jane Adventures show either?!

And, uh, not to brag but I scooped Ed on the awfulness of the finale back at the beginning of July: http://emohawk.blogspot.com/2007/07/last-of-time-lords.html


I knew I'd seen something about it somewhere -- I should have known it was you!

It is sad, sn't it? But, hey, just think: I'm watching them for the very first time, which is kind of cool.

I'm so depressed about this season three thing. But I think I'll soldier through them all, regardless of suckage. Then I won't feel guilty about bitching. (Assuming I hate them.)

Brian F.

Don't get me wrong. There's a lot of good stuff in season three. I can name you a run of about five episodes, a few of which will become classics (and contenders for Hugos and stuff), that are pretty good. But, like all seasons, it has its stinkers.


I JUST watched the Evil Giles episode last night (ok, ok 2nd time). It really was a bittersweet episode. While I'm sure I'll have my own opinion about whatever happens in the 3rd season, I'm kinda glad to know that some people think it sucks - if only so that my expectations aren't so darn high, 'cause I'm loving DT so much more than I thought I would. I wasn't sure that I would be able to get over my CE love.


So far I haven't found much to complain about in the third season at all. Maybe I'm just not that critical, or maybe I love Doctor Who too much to notice anything wrong.

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