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28 August 2007


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I read "Secret beneath the City" (my library didn't have the first one available) and I loved Olivia. :) I just got the first one and will be reading it soon. I also picked up all the Gilda Joyce that they had available.
Judging from a comment the librarian made on Saturday I think they think I'm a middle grades teacher reading for my grade level. :)


These sound great. Thanks. I hadn't even heard of them, but I will have to go pick up the first one (I agree about the cover art, just looking at them here).

jules, 7-Imp

Catherine Antonio

I completely agree with you about the Olivia Kidney books. I absolutely adore Olivia and have been faithfully reading (and re-reading) the books since the first one came out. I was heartbroken when they changed the cover art (Peter Reynolds is the best! Have you been to his website? I actually bought some original artwork!!!) and agree that the change in title is also suspect. Why do that? Olivia Kidney and the Exit Academy is a MUCH better title than Olivia Kidney Stops for No One. (Also, do you know what's up with Olivia Kidney Hot on the Trail? What is that? Is that book 1 with a new title, or what?)

I am a children's librarian at the Newport Public Library and I will do my best to encourage kids to read these books. I'm also a HUGE fan of Gilda Joyce and agree that it is a great connection to make. Hopefully we can get more people reading Olivia. I would be heartbroken if her story were to end with The Secret Beneath the City.


I think -- though I'm not positive -- that Hot on the Trail is an alternate title for Secret Beneath the City. Poss. the British title? I'm not sure.

Kelly Fineman

Great post! And I'm glad I checked your link -- I have to remember to update my Blogger site today! (My LJ is my main blog. Oops)


I am so reading these. :)


The Olivia Kidney books might not have a catergorie but i love them i wish would write another I love how it starts out easy the takes one wild turn!

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