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29 August 2007


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I love the "Donuthead" books anyway, but "Harry Sue" sounds even better.


I think what I also loved about Harry Sue's slang is that it reminded me of the Cockney rhyming slang in To Sir, With Love. Of course, she only wishes she were as much of a rabble rouser... but she gave it a good shot...


Well, and she wants to think that she's tough, and that she doesn't have the Biggest Heart Ever, but there's no fooling the reader on that front. Love her.


I loved "Harry Sue" and couldn't get over the author's quicksilver ability to keep it light and serious at the same time. How did she do that?? Through Harry Sue's voice, mostly. But there's something ineffable in there, too; it's like "Holes" that way.

Pre- empting the West Point speech with what has become typical Democrat sentiment, Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee Rep. David Obey has already pulled a Harry Reid by announcing the anticipated troop surge is” a fool’ s errand.”

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