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27 August 2007


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"...a huge, monkish figure with black-bearded head on the tilt--as if it had been newly hanged..."

The lyrically ghoulish prose seems to be something that only writers of long ago knew how to use. Thanks for pointing this guy out -- I love this type of stuff, and will get delicious shudders reading about the hideously awful Black Jack...


Leon Garfield is my all-time favorite. My local library has decided to discard its Garfield collection and sell it for 50 cents each, and I am buying them all to give to poor souls who have never read them. Please admit me to the club.

Sherry Early

Garfield has a book called Shakespeare Stories that I own and like very much, too. I read Black Jack a long time ago, but I may have to take a look at the other two books you featured.


Thanks for the alert, these sound like something I need to check out!


Thanks! I'm just re-reading Joan Aiken's "Felix" trilogy, and this sounds like the perfect thing to continue on to when I'm done and left wanting more of the same.

By the way, if you want another recommendation for a ripsnorter of an adventure novel, one which pretty much fulfills all your specificatons item by item, I can't recommend anything better than "Prince of Foxes" by Samuel Shellbarger. It is actually an adult novel, but since it dates from the 1940's, it's quite PG13, FWIW. What a ride! Love and betrayal, loyalty and treachery... They don't write them like that any more!


Ooh, thanks, Margaret. I'll look it up.


Oooh, ghoulish prose! You have me sold.


Thanks for promoting Garfield.
A somewhat sillier story of his is "The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris." yet, it's a bit too unsettling to be called silly.

Is it true he wrote an ending to Edwin Drood? Has anyone read that?


He did, and I haven't.

I love Adelaide Harris. And there's another book about those same characters called, er... I'm blanking on the name, actually. But I'm positive that there is one.


His Edwin Drood is terrific. You can hardly tell where Dickens leaves off and Garfield begins -- except that it's a fairly short book. I believe the Adelaide Harris sequel is called "Night of the Comet."


Must go and read Black Jack now. Thanks for the recommendations!

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