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07 August 2007


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I'm also at two (Boxcar Children and Babysitter's Club).

Debra Hamel

Well, this post of yours just cost me $5 or $6, thank you very much! I can't remember what book got me hooked. There were a lot of books. And I thought of one book--certainly not the first--whose title I always remembered because my family made fun of it. And I thought, Hey! I wonder if I can find that book again! Well, of course, someone was selling it on Amazon, so I ordered a copy. Rutger and the Water Snouts. I think there was a fox involved. We shall see....


cc, You never, ever read a Babysitter's Club book? Shocking.


I missed the whole Babysitter's Club phenomenon, too, and I don't remember reading Dr. Seuss as a child. At all.

Ditto on Edward Norton.


I know right?


Ooh, Encyclopedia Brown.

Eh. I haven't read Black Beauty either -- and I'm with ya: not embarrassed enough to read it. I completely missed the girl-horse-obsession phase.

And if you skip the 'begets' I'm sure the Bible... um, almost counts?


Green Eggs and the Bible in the same list? Most of these books weren't around when I was a kid. Others were "girl" books. I read some of them to my kids but excluding that there are probably four books on the list that I have read... 18, 36, 42, and 49.

Adam S.

I have eight. But that's me guessing. Most of those are childrens books that I read years ago--I cannot recall if I read them or saw the movie, or if I did both.

No Bridge to Terabithia? What the heck kind of list is that?

a Paperback Writer

I haven't read Black Stallion, Poky Little Puppy, Babysitters' Club, the Bobbsey Twins, or Encyclopedia Brown.
Someday I'll read Bobbsey Twins and Encyclopedia Brown, but I think I can live a fulfilled life without the others.


Oh, I think reading one Baby-sitters Club book is worth it -- for a few reasons:

1. You'll be able to look at it when you're done and join the rest of us in saying, "What?? These were POPULAR?? WHY????"
2. You'll finally understand why some people dissolve into the giggles when they hear the words, "Claudia was the creative one."
3. You, too, can cultivate the desire to kick Kristy Thomas.


Ed Norton's picks are great- but seeing them reminds me how annoyed I'm going to be in October when The Seeker comes out in theaters and absolutely ruins Susan Cooper's work.

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