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07 August 2007


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I LOVE T.K. Welsh's books. I'm so glad the "Unresolved" made this list. His books are completely crossover, and should be read by adults as well.


Still amused by the title, "Hello, Groin." Just... am.
I just finished In Search of Mockingbird and thought Bad Kitty, (which was also a Cybils pick, as well as The Unresovled and The Christopher Killer) was hilarious.

I feel suddenly in the know, having actually read quite a few from the list. That's a new feeling!


I saw Bad Kitty on the list and had to scratch my head over it. And on Adbooks, some people are putting it in their top five favorite YA books of the year. It's one of the few on the lists I have read*, and I just didn't see it as anything special. I will say that it seems to have picked up in circs lately, so I think perhaps it's getting good word of mouth. It didn't seem to be all that popular when it was on my new books shelf.

*(I read as many of the YA books that come into our library as I possibly can, and it's a lot. But I find I haven't read, or even ordered, several of the books on these lists. I usually have a much higher hit rate than that.)

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