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11 September 2007


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Debra Hamel

As it happens, YA author Gail Gauthier just recommended this book for the upcoming BAFAB Week. You can see her review over at the BAFAB site (http://www.buyafriendabook.com).


LOVE THIS BOOK. One of my absolute favorites from 2005.


I don't remember the profanity, but I thought the sex was some of the best I've ever seen in a YA novel.

Let's hope that the review at BAFAB Week and here and the mention at my site give this book a boost in readership this year.

(monkey) steve

So she's 157 or so? did she hang out with Emily Dickinson? Will I be upset at the way they treat Emily or her poetry? 'cuz I've got a huge soft spot for Ms. Dickinson, and while the book looks interesting to me, I wouldn't be able to handle a ham-handed treatment of her.


The f-bomb got dropped at few times, in various forms -- maybe six or seven times -- I probably wouldn't have even noticed if I hadn't read those one-star reviews.


One of her hosts -- a Lady Poet -- was very much like Emily D., but she's never specifically named. There are other connections -- the title is from one of her poems and Helen reads some Emily when she wants something comforting.


I listened to the CD of this title, beautifully narrated by Lauren Molina, and was entranced! What a ghost story! What a love story! Heck, what a story! The profanity never crossed my radar and I agree with the comment above concerning the well written sex scenes. YA lit is not my first love among genres but I believe this book really stands out in the field. Lovely, just lovely!

marrie baylea

the book was amazing it made my little country town so much more enjoyable afetr i read this book i havnt stopped reading since then

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