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12 September 2007


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ABT's fall season starts the end of October, wanna come visit?


Oooh I just loved it. Greek AND awful academics AND ballet? It's too much.

Also, in my 3rd rereading I've come to decide that almost my favorite part is how sheerly awful her father is.


That might have to happen -- I've been thinking lately that I could maybe handle The City again.

He's SUCH a beast. And I loved what happened to her first beau. All the way through, I thought of how it was pretty much the perfect book for you.


Aaaah man, jealous jealous jealous! I can't see it in print in the UK so I'm hoping for a new edition orrr for the amazon marketplace listings to go somewhat down from £60. SERIOUSLY.

Electric Landlady

On my recent vacation I found this at a used bookstore in Okehampton (go figure) for £1.50. I was so excited! (Sorry Anna. I guess they didn't know what they had.)

My only complaint is with the ending. (*SPOILERISH*) I mean, I got a huge kick out of it anyway, but afterwards I spent quite some time replotting it in my head so Harriet could rescue her damn self.

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