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27 September 2007


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Uuh, that is disgusting. You'd think they can afford at least a piece of paper.


God, I hate that too, and it happens all the time. How about this: sheets of toilet paper? Luckily, not used but still...And the other day I found a licked clean fudgesicle stick in a book. Come on, people, are bookmarks that hard to find?

david e

My eldest daughter does this, I'm sorry to say. She's a reading fiend which means that she constantly walking around with an open book. When it comes time to stop reading she can't remember where she left her bookmark and grabs the nearest thing: tissues, napkins, paper towels (all unused), a piece of yarn, a thread she nervously pulled from her shirt while reading.

I have tried, people, honestly, to get her to be better. I even gave her an old pack of playing cards (distinct, missing cards) so she always had a couple dozen bookmarks at the ready. I find those cards all over the house, just not in books. Sorry.


I'm a *little* afraid to post this, but I have used CLEAN kleenex as a bookmark. It folds flat, won't damage the pages, and is acutally fairly durable--while any portion hanging out of the top might be damaged, the texture of the fabric actually decreases the possibility of it being pulled out or lost accidentally. And it may be the only suitable bookmark I have around. I'd rather use the kleenex than the dust buffalos that roam my house. :-)

BUT I would be sure to remove it before returning a book to anyone. As I would with any bookmark.


I sometimes use kleenex as a bookmark. Or anything that comes to hand really. My mom used to tell me off about it all the time.


I have used strips of (clean, naturally) toilet paper to mark places in books or magazines I was reading in the bathroom. In this, I agree with Danielle above in that, like Kleenex, it's handy, won't damage the book, and won't be easily lost. I can see that it might be off-putting to someone with tender sensibilities, but hey - don't read my books, then!


Yeah, I'm guilty too. I just use whatever is handy. Bookmarks are a nice idea but really hard for me to keep track of! Sometimes even when I've stopped reading in the same seat i started in, I somehow am not able to find the bookmark that was in the book before I opened it.


I go with the inhumanly good memory system of remember what page #. =P Irritates Chrissy that I can do that.

The clean Kleenex case made in the comments has merit.


Flat, neatly folded Kleenex makes sense -- and I get the texture arguement. But when I find a crumpled piece, I always have that 'eeeew' moment.


I have to say this. Clean Kleenex doesn't bother me anywhere near as much as the backing for sticky sanitary napkins. Just, YUCK. And for those of you who use toilet paper for the same reason as Kleenex (for library books, you can do whatever you want to your own books), please stop. Toilet paper found somewhere outside of a bathroom will skeeve a person out no matter how clean it is.

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