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13 September 2007


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Is it EVEN worth saying this? There's no sex in it. There's consequences. There's also an attempted rape. But still, no sex. So far, it's one of the better books that deals with this subject matter.

Arg. Also home sick and waiting for doctor call.

Jen Robinson

I so hope that the controversy makes all the other kids from that girl's school run to the bookstore to buy the book. If I was a local bookseller, I would make a big display.


What I'm most intrigued about is how the grandmother says she's "raised 11 sets of kids."

What the heck is a "set" of kids? And ELEVEN of them?!?

Kelly Fineman

Sorry about the being sick thing. Although this story turned my stomach.

a Paperback Writer

And this is a SCHOOL library, which means that besides the fine, the school can hold up her yearbook and report card until she pays for the book. They might even be able to hold up her diploma until she's paid for what she's stolen.
Overall, she'll end up being the loser in this.
Now, I'm going to go have a look at this book to see what I think of it.

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