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11 September 2007


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I really don't understand - it's The Chocolate War! What's wrong with kids today? God, my 31st birthday is approaching and I'm feeling every second of it right now. Oops, is it more acceptable to take God's name in vain? Somehow I think not. I think I'll re-read TCW soon.


Not that I get book challenges, but challenges on books that have been around for 30 years, considered a classic teen book, are used and have been used in classrooms all across the country just seem extra silly and dense. Come on people. The book has endured that long for a reason. Maybe you should just back away from yourself for a minute and think about it in that light.

Kelly Fineman

Jesus Christ, what's with all these censors? (Oops.)

Eric Luper

If this guy is worried about Chocolate War, he'd better keep his hands off more contemporary YA fiction. Maybe I'll send him a copy of my novel, Big Slick...It'll change his tune about Chocolate War!

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