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12 September 2007


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No way! That's crazy. They are rewriting history. Did the dolls seem really lonely or something that they needed a friend. That's definitely news to me. I had Samantha probably a good decade or so ago, she's still in my closet.. oh maybe that's why they need friends.


Ugh--I think I'm more distressed over the fact that Madonna is still turning out children's books *shudder*

Emily H.

So are they responding (at last) to the complaints about not having a single Asian-American doll?


The new Ivy book, though, is written by Lisa Yee, of "Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time," and the two other books of that series. She's awesome, and at least they a) got a decent author to write the book and b) are supporting diversity.

I had a Kiersten doll when I was a kid and I loved her all to bits. Granted, I only had two dresses for her, but I had ALL the books! (You can see where my priorities were!!)


Lisa Yee is very cool. And I'm pretty sure that the Julie books (or some of them) are by Megan MacDonald (of Judy Moody), which is a good choice, author-wise as well.

Dolls freak me out, so the more, the scarier. (You should have seen me the year I had to go to ToyFair -- when I hit the Aisle of Dolls, I RAN. All those glassy staring eyes. Yick.)


I am glad they finally made an Asian-American doll, but am saddened that she's a best friend doll, not a leading lady, er...character.


Forget the dolls, forget the books...I feel ANCIENT. To think of the decade that I grew up in as an historical time period. Eep. Time for my Geritol, I guess.

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