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17 September 2007


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Reka Simonsen

Thanks for your fabulous Nancy Drew reviews--they always make my day! The best-ever Bess moment that I've found in these books is when Bess complains "I've had nothing but a hamburger since breakfast. I'm practically grown together in the middle!" It's from one of the original editions, not the shortened and edited yellow editions. I can never remember which one, though.


I'm a lurker and LOVE your Nancy Drew reviews - and this one had me laughing three times just at the headlines (or, more accurately, muffling my laughter to the point of snorting which of course is far more embarassing than just bloody well laughing). Awesome! :)


You are so funny, Leila.

a Paperback Writer

Oh my heck! this was hysterical!!!
Gotta love it.
This is better than the collection of nurse romance books over at tinypineapple.com -- but those are funny too.


Oh God, I have *got* to stop reading these at school. I almost got caught today.

These reviews are hilarious- keep 'em coming! :)


Yeesh. When it comes to concern for his child, give the man a fake tan, a wig and a flask and he could double for Dina Lohan.

That was MADE OF WIN.

Okay, this whole review was made of win, but that was my favourite. Hilarious as always.

bennett madison

this is the scariest of all the nancy drew books, because it has old people, and old people freak me the hell out! the cover is also totally scary. look at that lady's crazy eyes and WITCH HANDS.

the best part about PASSWORD TO LARKSPUR LANE, and the most inspiring to a sometimes mystery-writer like myself is that every time nancy would hit a dead end, another homing pigeon would fall out of the sky with a clue attached to it! it's always so nice when the clues literally fall out of the sky and land at your feet!


Have you read 'Confessions of a Teen Sleuth'? If not, you must. It is a perfect parody of Nancy Drew.


so i was like what??? 3 chapters and i still dont get any of this im a 15 year old girl who love nancy drew books i know they are for 6th graders but dont u just love it when it lives in the end of your site i do bye i have to go read more see ya!!!!

joana again

hey guys its me again i finshed the book and here is what i think of it...
the story opens with Nancy tending her prize delphiniums, when a mysterious carrier pigeon falls out of the sky. The message, "Bluebells are now Singing Horses," is so odd, it causes her to contact the registry for the birds. Meanwhile, housekeeper Hannah falls and must be taken to the local orthopedist's office. Dr. Spires later confides to Carson Drew and Nancy that he was forced to tend an elderly woman for her shoulder -- the drivers of a car blindfolded him to disguise her location, leading him to believe she was a prisoner. The only clue to her identity is a bracelet with a family crest, and the doctor's belief that larkspur lane was the locale. Nancy of course immediately sets out to track the crest, discovering it belongs to the Eldridge family of St. Louis.

In the meantime, the registry contacts Nancy about the pigeon, suspecting something criminal is involved. Effie Schneider, a dizzy young girl, serves as Hannah's substitute, and gets in on action when Nancy attempts to track the carrier pigeon's flight into the country. A strong woman attacks Nancy downtown, then steals the bracelet from her. Due to threats of intruders and increasing danger, the Drews accept Helen Corning's invitation to visit Sylvan Lake. Mr. Drew and Nancy sneak out of the house, and leave in Nancy's new green and black roadster for this locale.

Coincidentally, Nancy rescues a young Eldridge child from a mishap at the lake, and learns an elderly relative is missing. Nancy and Helen explore the vicinity for some time, finally finding "L.S. Lane." Near the little used road is an estate surrounded by an electrified fence, and also surrounded by delphiniums. Elderly patients abound in wheelchairs on the grounds. Nancy fortunately finds Mrs. Eldridge near the fence, and finds out she is indeed a prisoner. Nancy and Helen disguise themselves as old lady and nurse, and enter using the password, "Singing Horses." Nancy reaches Mrs. Eldridge, rescues her, and gets her safely away with Helen before becoming a prisoner of the evil doctor and his partners in crime, who are kidnapping wealthy elderly people and forcing them to sign over money and securities. She escapes from her cistern prison, and sabotages their airplane, just as the police arrive.



Jay@ silk bouquets

Yeah, fantastic book really. Your review is great, I love it.

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