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21 September 2007


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I miss Wordsworth's so much. I had already moved when they closed, and read about in the New York Times, and I actually cried. I'm so glad the Monkey is still around.

And regarding the Coop, they are evil, but I think a good part of that is just Harvard being evil. The Penn bookstore is also a Barnes & Noble, as was my undergrad's, and neither of them are anything like the Coop. At Penn there's even a smaller independent bookstore around the corner, and many professors choose to have their course books sold there instead.

Kelly Fineman

Dude -- Roger Sutton has declared himself "done" with the Co-op as a result of your post.


Also, go down Mass Ave to Porter Square books. I love that place.


One of my greatest joys in assigning books is to encourage students to check books out of the library. If we're reading a short enough text I'll even tell them to photocopy it.

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