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11 September 2007


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i hate emo kids

i'm so glad you love the mind reading cop, too!!

hiro's awesome, obvs. and i like the guy that takes on other people's skills.

i'm a fan. i KNEW you'd like it.


Congrats on finding the best new show of last year. I almost wish I could have waited and watched the whole thing on DVD. And you've still got some of the best parts to come! Hopefully you'll let us all know what you think of the whole season arc after finishing.


I was SO excited when I found out C.E. was going to be on Heroes. I wish he showed up more. Er, pun not intended.

Hiro makes the show, but I totally love Matt (the cop) & Jess from GG. It's funny that I've been able to separate the cop from his previous roles in Felicity & Alias, but that Ventimiglia will always be Jess to me.

CAN'T believe I missed the Buffy connection. And I just watched a couple of those Initiative eps.


The more we watch it, the more I love Matt. He's adorable.

Clea DuVall was on Buffy, too -- she was the invisible girl.


I got totally hooked on Heroes from the last five minutes of the first episode (which I caught by accident waiting for Dr. Who -- yup, all around geek). I am a little partial to Ando myself. Clea DuVall was also amazing as Sophie in Carnivale -- which if you haven't had a chance to watch, definitely rent it.

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