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19 October 2007


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Kelly Fineman

It looks like she couldn't decide whether to dress like Emily Dickinson or her grandmother or a 50's housewife, so she compromised by wearing Emily's clothes, her grandmother's big black floppy bow and a 50's apron. WTF?


Did Anderson Cooper give the book a blurb? Weird.
"Deceptively Delicious is a book anyone wanting easy, healthy meals will find indispensable. Page after page, you'll find yourself saying, "what a great idea!"
Why would you read this if you didn't have kids? Oh, I know, to write a non-sensical/ridiculously overenthusiastic(and I say this as a fan, Anderson) blurb.

Kelly Fineman

When I hear an idea that consists of blenderizing a bunch of vegetables to bake the juice into my brownies, I do NOT say "what a great idea!" I say "why ruin my sugary carbs with vegetable juice?"


Don't you just LOVE that her husband felt the need to get on the phone for this, too?
I mean, OBVIOUSLY the OTHER WOMAN is the problem, here, or else HER husband would have gotten on the phone to have her back. I mean, doesn't EVERY cook who puts spinach in brownies have a famous husband?

Wow. I'm all for healthy cooking, and I've heard of putting avocado in ice cream - to make it richer - but I'm feeling the enamel on my teeth and shuddering about the spinach.


That's a neck apron.


And has she ever mixed anything in her life? Look at the way she's holding that slotted spoon!

Also, there's a bump under her shirt that's driving me crazy. Not to mention the puffed sleeves. Only Anne Shirley can get away with that shit.


Hmm. I thought it strangely suspicious when a whole flotilla of the Seinfeld cookbooks popped up at Target the other day. You may ,ock me for this, but as a mother of three kids under the age of six, I'm always interested in something to make me feel less guilty about macaroni and cheese. But spinach brownies?!? The fluffy mackerel of the future, my friends.


nothing jessica & jerry seinfeld do surprise me. he was a serial philanderer who made a fetish of sleeping with married women. she started diddling jerry right after she got back from her honeymoon (quite literally). i guess it makes me so mad because he's a nerd who would get about as much action as a street vagrant if he wasn't rich and famous.

and yes, she needs to be put on "fashion disasters" or some such show...

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