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16 October 2007


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Honestly, i love the rennison books, and i don't know (i'm afraid!) how they could make a movie as good as that book- that book was amazingly funny. my partner thought i was off my rocker i was laughing to myself so much when i read that one... and i still pick it up every once in a while to reread certain hillarious angus and little sister parts- brilliant. well, not like i'll miss seeing it in the theatres...


Oh, I love those books, they're hilarious!


oh man, when i found out about this i was kind of mad. i don't want them to make such great books into a really cruddy movie. but i guess there's the chance that the movie will be awesome.

i think i should play georgia. i can do a mean english accent.
sort of.


Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

And what everyone else said.


These are my FAVORITE books! The guy playing sex god, Robbie, looks so young. So wrong. I can't wait to see who else they cast, though.

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