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15 October 2007


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I read "The Dispossessed" in 1974 and "The Left Hand of Darkness" around the same time. They are probably two of the greatest SF stories ever written. I haven't read anything by her lately because the genre itself changed over the years. In the 60's and 70's, SF challenged readers with complex narratives. Since then it became all fantasy which I have no interest in.

Lady S

This book was on the Dorothy Canfield Fisher list in Vermont a few years ago. It was the only one I didn't like. I read the whole thing, but I really didn't like it. I can't remember why, I just remember going into the library and saying to the librarian that the only book I didn't like on the list was "that Gifts book" and she said, "Oh, I didn't like the Le Guin" and then we looked at the list and realized it was the same book.

I am glad somebody liked it.


I can't wait to read the third one as well -- I feel so lucky to at last have an excuse to catch up with this series!!!


I love everything by Le Guin. Her sci-fi books are wonderful in particular "The Left Hand of Darkness"
and "The Lathe of Heaven". "The Wizard of Earthsea" series is a fantasy classic. I loved "Gifts" and the sequel "Voices" is even better. The characters of Orrec and Gry appear again in this one which is a story about life in a city where the rulers hate and fear books.


Hi Librarywitch -- I started it last night, and I almost hit the point where Memer meets Orrec and Gry, but then I fell asleep. I love the secret room.

Yeah, Lady S, I definitely can see that it's one that would divide people. Maybe because their world (at least in Gifts, though I'm seeing it in Voices, too) is so violent and harsh and bleak? Most fantasy novels make me want to live (or at least visit) the worlds described in them. Not so much with these. Yet I'm really enjoying them. Odd. Did you like the Earthsea books?


Gifts left me a bit cold, and I haven't been tempted to return to it, but I adored Voices. Possibly because Memer is such a compelling character, and possibly because a setting that includes a hidden room full of books is more appealing than the bleakness of the lands where Gifts takes place.

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