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15 October 2007


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Kelly Fineman

As long as they're making all the movies, I've got no issue with it. (Kind of like how they shuffled some stuff back and forth in the LOTR movies — although my husband, who'd never read them, was APPALLED that the stories didn't actually conclude at the end of movies 1 & 2. But truly, how could they, unless they were like HP books 1-5 and 7 (6 has a cliffhanger)?

There's something promising about them considering the books as one whole story. And yet, diehard fans will always mind the changes (don't even get me started on the many ways the movie portrayal of Theoden and Faramir pissed me off).


I'm still hopeful about GC. The diehard fan in me is upset, but I haven't given up on it. And regardless, press about the movie will prompt more people to pick up the book, so that's good.

I'm guessing that The Subtle Knife's movie ending won't be the same, either.


Oh, whew--you really really worried me with that lead-in. I thought you meant that they were actually changing the events. I see why this bothers you; I still get chills thinking about the way that book ended. But Philip Pullman's point is valid: I saw the National Theatre productions, and he's right that the break between the parts worked okay.

I'm still looking forward to the movie.


Oh, sorry about that! It's been all over the place, I just assumed that everyone'd already seen it.

I guess it just seems to me that it won't have the same effect at the beginning of one movie as it would have at the end of the other. So lucky re: the National Theatre! That broke mid-Subtle Knife, though, right?

Still looking forward to it, regardless.


Reading your post before I read the article, I was much more worried. I was coming up with all sorts of terrible scenarios as to what they'd changed! I was really meh about the film when I first heard about it but now I'm a little bit excited.

i think it's still pretty up in the air whether there ARE any movies beyond the first one... so depending on how you look at it, it's either good or bad that it avoids (i think?) ending on a cliffhanger.


i think it's still pretty up in the air whether or not there will be more than one movie. obviously they are hoping for three, but i still think it's entirely possible that the first movie will bomb. so depending on how you look at it, it's either good or bad that it avoids (i think?) ending on a cliffhanger.



I am a long time fan of bookshelves but this is first time I've posted. I love the site and your commentary is priceless. I find myself almost always in agreement with your likes and dislikes, furthermore you have such a great way of expressing things :) I have read lots of books solely on your recommendation, and have not been disappointed.

I am a huge fan of His Dark Materials. Basically I wanted to post just to give you the perspective of another Catholic on all of this, lest anyone think that the Catholic League really is the definitive voice representing all the Catholics of the world. To be completely honest with you, Bill upsets me, a lot. That is the understatement of the year. He flys of the handle, makes remarks which I consider to be completely ignorant and makes all the crazy claims. There have been countless times when I have thought that his attitude and his remarks go competely against all that the Catholic faith ACTUALLY teaches. To me, he is the representative of all that gives Catholicism a bad name, and part of the reason why so many people misunderstand the church. People like Bill mispresent the theology and the stand of the church, and end up making all of us look ridiculous and judgemental. It drives me Crazy. I just don't want anyone thinking that all the devout Catholics are like that. I love my faith, I am a devout practicing Catholic...and Bill almost never represents what I think, feel, or believe.

When my husband and I have children, we will certainly allow them to read Pullman. I can't think of any books I won't let them read. It drives me crazy when parents think that refusing to let their kids read certain things is a good answer to the hard questions or subjects which come up. For goodness sake, let them read, and talk about what they read with them, a novel approach :P

Alright...I am done ranting now :P Thanks so much for all the great info, and all the laughs :) We love Bookshelves.


Wow. Awesome rant, Sorcha! You are not alone -- I've heard from other people (re: Harry Potter, etc.) who are frustrated because they, as Christians, are often lumped into the same category as the people who believe that if-you-read-it-you-become-it.


Oh my god. Did you READ any of the comments on that article about the Catholic League??? The third one down is... Wow.

"VRuskinOct 14th, 2007 - 18:44:52

Children thinking for themselves? So, I take it that you will allow them to decide about whether it is OK to rape, steal and murder. Also, if they decide that they do not want to go to the dentist and the doctor, that is fine as well. How far open does your mind have to be until your brains fall out?"

Clearly, this person has had personal experience with the brains falling out phenomenon.

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