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22 October 2007


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What's more disturbing, that it exists, or that I know all the words????
Ugh. The 80's. So much to answer for...


Aren't their clothes AMAZING? (As in, amazingly bad, obvs.)

And I only just now, this morning, discovered that little Stacy grew up to be Fergie.

There are tons more videos on YouTube. I can't stop watching them.


NOOOOOO! Not the vile red-leather-zipper-vests with purple lame tank tops!!!

My five- and two-year-old, on the other hand, think the theme song is WAY cool. They are still singing it as I type this.

You know what's funny? I see now that the cast of "Kids Incorporated" seem to have been chosen based on their resemblance to other, more popular, sitcom actors. There's the Scott-Baio-type-guy, and the kid who looks like Webster, and the kid who looks like Tracy Goldman . . .Huh.

i hate emo kids

you should really put the say you, say me one up. it features a creepy clown that i suspect was the reason fergie got hooked on meth in the first place...


Oh man, Kids, Inc. I use to watch that every single day.

The clothes are FABULOUS.

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