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23 October 2007


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Yarrrgh. Clown scary. Very scary. And I'm sure it was part of the "plot" but it seems incredibly inappropriate in just this clip.


I've read the Konigsberg too, and didn't feel strongly enough about it to write a review...I did, however, like the treasure finding aspect of it.


Okay, now your SISTER is freaking me out, too.
Geez, did I notice when I was watching this show that the clothes were this bad? Or was I blinded by the CLOWNS!?!??!



Currently reading the Konigsburg.


Oh good - so glad so many Konigsberg readers! What I'm curious about is if the book is good at all - I think she gets stucked being judged against her earlier work (so much of which is brilliant) and so if she does something that doesn't attain the same level, reviewers (and readers) are hugely disappointed.

So if the book was written by someone other than Konigsberg (and thus didn't have her baggage) how would you feel about it?

Fuse #8

I felt strongly enough about "The Konigsburg" to write a review about it, but I certainly wasn't a fan. If someone were to write a book making fun of Konigsburg's style, this might be it.


I think the baggage is part of why I want to re-read it. Actually, that's where I'm at with the Horvath, too.


Oh man! I hoped that it was just a bunch of bunk Betsy. Now I'm depressed..........

Ms. Yingling

I don't have any students who like any Horvath. I only have a couple, but they are the sort of things that win awards from college professors. So, too, the Konigsberg. I suspect that these authors may not have contact with actual children...

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