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04 October 2007


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You should try finding and reading The Best of Cemetery Dance volumes 1 & 2. It's OoP, but still good. And the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror volume 20 edited by Ellen Datlow just came out two days ago.


I'll push for the library to get the new BF&H, and it looks like used copies of the second BoCD book are out there. Good thing it's payday.


I haven't read King since I devoured 80% of his books in high school, but agree with you about his introductions--his intro to his "new" Richard Bachman novel almost convinced me to buy it, and I _know_ I don't care enough to read an unearthed Bachman novel. He's just chatty and casual enough to make you feel as if he's really talking directly to you.

For some reason I've had _Salem's Lot_ (which I've never read) vaguely on my mind for the past year or so--if my local branch library had a copy I'd probably have read it by now. Should I?


See, that's the thing -- I have no idea. I haven't read it since middle school. But it's been on my mind for months, so I'm thinking I should just re-read the thing and have done with it. (Keep me posted if you go for it, by the way.)


I read "The Raft" years ago and it STILL freaks me out to think about. BTW, if you like King's introductions, I bet you'd like "Danse Macabre", his look at horror fiction and movies. Lots of fun; his love for the genre makes his writing about it seem positively exuberant.


Oh, good idea -- that's one I bet I'd love. Thanks, oolookitty.

Eric Berlin

You are not alone in thinking "Word Processor of the Gods" would make a good Twilight Zone episode -- the short story was turned into a teleplay for a similar show, Tales From the Darkside.

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